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  • Winding Wires

    Buy all types of copper and aluminum winding wires at the best price from Wiremart.

  • Insultating Varnish

    Buy best brands of insulating varnish from us. Get delivered at your doorstep.

  • Capacitors

    Buy best quality capacitors from the top brands. Get Cash On Delivery option (limited time period offer)

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Buy Copper And Aluminum Winding Wires And Spares

Wiremart is one of the best online store for copper winding wires, aluminum winding wires, insulating varnish, capacitors, polyster flim and other products. Get all the things at the best price.

  • Wiremart is one of the most trusted online brands for all electrical and winding products. Wiremart is backed by ABC Electricals. They dominating the motor winding industry for more than 35 years. With the help of ABC electrical, Wiremart produces best quality products and deliver it at your doorstep.

    Wiremart assured that every customer gets the best quality products at the best price. The reason people choose Wiremart for copper and aluminum winding wires are -

    • We provide the best quality at the best price.
    • We deliver across India
    • We offer Cash On Delivery (only for the limited time period)
    • All things in one place, we offer a wide range of products.
  • Copper & Aluminum winding wire online
  • Looking To Buy It, Just Click It

    No matter from where you are, it is easy!! If you are someone who is looking to buy capacitors, ceiling fan, insulating varnish or winding wire material. Wiremart make make it easy for you. There are just some simple steps to folllow to buy any thing.
    Step 1 - If you want to buy Winding wires just search it by clicking in search icon.
    Step 2 - Click on the product which you want to buy. Choose the length and quantity.
    Step 3- Click on buy and you will see the cart option. Click on it and enter your personal details.
    Step 4 - After that choose cash on delivery and relax. The product will be delivered soon.
    For more details you can watch video. Wiremart deals with wholesalers as well as retailers. So try it now.

  • How to Use and Order from New & Updated Wiremart App

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Copper & Aluminum Winding Wire Online - Motor Winding Wire Delhi

Copper and Aluminum Winding Wire online at the best prices with great quality. Wiremart offers motor winding wire online in Delhi, India. Order now and get your order delivered.

Wiremart welcomes you all to your online electrical store where you can buy electrical equipment such as copper winding wires, aluminum winding wires, insulating varnish, polymer sheets, ceiling fans, and capacitors. We offer the product to wholesalers, retailers, and customers. Wiremart is one of the finest online stores for all electrical equipment as we delivered more than 10000+ products to customers. 

Buy Copper & Aluminum Winding Wire Online

We provide a great assortment of enameled Copper & Aluminum Winding Wire intending to cater to a wide range of industrial applications ranging from ordinary motor rewinding to the most essential applications such as in autos.

Super Enamelled Copper wires are mostly used in household appliances, pumps, motors, stabilizers, transformers, fans, car electricals, high-duty household appliances, motors, compressors, large motors, and generators.

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In India, we are a leading supplier and exporter of Aluminum & Copper Winding Wires. Due to its high tensile strength and perfect endurance the demand for winding wire increases. They are utilized in a variety of work. These are employed in the motors of numerous home appliances.

Why Choose Wiremart For Copper & Aluminum Winding Wire?

Talking about our work and providing the best quality motor winding wires online make us the best online store for aluminum & copper winding wire.

The reasons to choose us are - 

  • Best quality
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Pan India Delivery 
  • Best Price

You can also buy capacitors, ceiling fans, insulating varnish, and polymer from our website. Click here to see the product.