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Enameled Copper Winding Wire

Magnet wire, also known as enamelled copper winding wire, is a kind of wire that is frequently utilised in electrical and electronic applications. It is made up of a copper conductor that has been covered with a thin coating of enamel insulation. The enamel insulation protects the copper conductor from environmental influences by providing electrical insulation between neighbouring rounds of wire.

The enamel insulation on the copper wire can be constructed of a variety of materials, including polyester, polyurethane, polyamide (nylon), and polyetherimide. Temperature rating, electrical insulating capabilities, and mechanical strength are all varied for each variety of enamel. The application's unique needs determine the type of enamel used.

Copper winding wire 

Copper winding wire is generally used to make coils, windings, and electromagnetic components for motors, transformers, generators, solenoids, and inductors. It is intended to convey current while minimising energy waste due to electrical resistance.

Best wholesaler for enamelled copper winding wire

  1. Being a reputable wholesaler entails consistently providing high-quality copper winding wire that meets industry standards. This includes using pure copper with excellent electrical conductivity and ensuring the wire is insulated correctly.
  2. A trustworthy wholesaler should be consistent in terms of product availability, on-time delivery, and satisfying client requests. This involves ensuring adequate stock levels and timely and effective order processing.
  3. Pricing is critical in being a preferred wholesaler. Competitive pricing, bulk discounts, or advantageous pricing strategies can help a wholesaler stand out and attract clients.
  4. A competent supplier should have a wide variety of copper winding wire alternatives, such as wire gauges, insulation kinds, and temperature ratings. This enables clients to identify the exact wire that meets their individual application needs.


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Wiremart offers a wide range of Enameled Copper wires. Copper wire coated with a very thin layer of insulation is called Enameled Copper Wire. It consists of good strength like elongation, tensile strength etc.

Copper winding wire is great for use in Motor winding industries as it possesses high conductivity and is relatively low cost.

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