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Flexilam Nomex Paper

Flexilam Nomex Paper

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Flexilam Nomex Delhi Paper (Price per KG)

Nomex paper is a type f electrical insulation material made from a synthetic aramid polymer called poly(meta-phenylene isophthalamide). It is known for its excellent thermal stability, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation properties. Here are some key points about Nomex paper:

  1. Composition and Structure: Nomex paper is composed of long-chain aromatic polyamide fibers that are chemically bonded together. The resulting material has a fibrous structure and is inherently flame-resistant.

  2. Thermal Stability: Nomex paper exhibits exceptional thermal stability, allowing it to withstand high temperatures without significant degradation. It can typically withstand temperatures up to 220°C (428°F) continuously without losing its electrical and mechanical properties.

  3. Electrical Insulation: Nomex paper is widely used as an electrical insulation material due to its excellent dielectric strength and insulation properties. It provides a high level of electrical resistance, preventing the flow of electric current and reducing the risk of electrical breakdown or short circuits.

  4. Mechanical Strength: Nomex paper has high tensile strength and good tear resistance, making it suitable for applications where mechanical robustness is required. It can withstand bending, flexing, and mechanical stress without tearing or breaking.

  5. Flame Resistance: Nomex paper has inherent flame resistance properties, meaning it does not support combustion or melt when exposed to flames. This characteristic makes it valuable for applications where fire safety is crucial, such as in electrical equipment and insulation systems.

  6. Applications: Nomex paper finds extensive use in various electrical and industrial applications, including:

    • Insulation for electrical motors, transformers, and generators.
    • Slot insulation in electrical machines.
    • Thermal barriers and insulation in power electronics.
    • Flame-resistant barriers in automotive and aerospace industries.
    • Insulation for flexible printed circuit boards.
    • Electrical and thermal insulation in high-temperature environments.
  7. Thickness and Grades: Nomex paper is available in various thicknesses, typically ranging from a few mils (thousandths of an inch) to several millimeters. It is offered in different grades, each designed for specific temperature ranges and application requirements.

Nomex paper's exceptional thermal and electrical properties, combined with its mechanical strength and flame resistance, make it a preferred choice for demanding electrical insulation applications. However, it is important to consult the manufacturer's guidelines and specifications to ensure the proper selection and use of Nomex paper for specific applications.

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