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Water Heating Immersion Rod - Water Proof

Water Heating Immersion Rod - Water Proof

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An immersion water heating rod is a device used to heat water. The two main types of immersion rods are direct and indirect. Direct immersion rods have their heating elements placed directly in the liquid, while indirect immersion rods use radiation or convection to heat the water without being in contact with it.
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Immersion heaters are a cost effective and ecologically sound method for heating material and provide a clean source of energy without leaving residual discharge or pollutants. In nuclear reactors, immersion heaters are used to keep heated water at a constant temperature for creating steam.
Immersion heaters use electricity to heat water. They use an electric resistance heating element (it looks like a metal loop or coil like the one inside your kettle) to heat the water inside your hot water cylinder until it reaches the designated temperature.
The immersion heater is connected to the mains electric via a cable and has its own on/off switch. When the heater is turned on, electricity heats the metal element and this heat passes to the surrounding water. It can take 1-2 hours for the water in the cylinder to reach your desired temperature.
Immersion heaters are much more energy-efficient than the traditional ones. An energy-efficient water heater saves your money on electricity bills every month.

For all your hot water needs, this water heating rod is a great choice! Boasting great quality and long lasting performance, this rod is sure to meet your expectations.

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